Class OWLFBRuleReasoner

All Implemented Interfaces:
Reasoner, RuleReasoner

public class OWLFBRuleReasoner extends FBRuleReasoner
A hybrid forward/backward implementation of the OWL closure rules.
  • Constructor Details

    • OWLFBRuleReasoner

      public OWLFBRuleReasoner(ReasonerFactory factory)
  • Method Details

    • loadRules

      public static List<Rule> loadRules()
      Return the rule set, loading it in if necessary
    • bindSchema

      public Reasoner bindSchema(Graph tbox) throws ReasonerException
      Precompute the implications of a schema graph. The statements in the graph will be combined with the data when the final InfGraph is created.
      Specified by:
      bindSchema in interface Reasoner
      bindSchema in class FBRuleReasoner
      tbox - the ontology axioms or rule set encoded in RDF
      a reasoner instace which can be used to process a data graph
      ReasonerException - if the reasoner cannot be bound to a rule set in this way, for example if the underlying engine can only accept a single rule set in this way and one rule set has already been bound in of if the ruleset is illformed.
    • bind

      public InfGraph bind(Graph data) throws ReasonerException
      Attach the reasoner to a set of RDF data to process. The reasoner may already have been bound to specific rules or ontology axioms (encoded in RDF) through earlier bindRuleset calls.
      Specified by:
      bind in interface Reasoner
      bind in class FBRuleReasoner
      data - the RDF data to be processed, some reasoners may restrict the range of RDF which is legal here (e.g. syntactic restrictions in OWL).
      an inference graph through which the data+reasoner can be queried.
      ReasonerException - if the data is ill-formed according to the constraints imposed by this reasoner.
    • getPreload

      public InfGraph getPreload()
      Get the single static precomputed rule closure.