Class StatementBase

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public abstract class StatementBase extends Object
Abstract base class for StaementImpl - pulls up the stuff that doesn't depend on how statements are represented (as S/P/O or as Triples).
  • Method Details

    • getModel

      public Model getModel()
    • getLiteral

      public abstract Literal getLiteral()
      Answer the object of this statement as a Literal, or throw a LiteralRequiredException.
    • getResource

      public abstract Resource getResource()
    • getSubject

      public abstract Resource getSubject()
    • getPredicate

      public abstract Property getPredicate()
    • getObject

      public abstract RDFNode getObject()
    • changeLiteralObject

      public Statement changeLiteralObject(boolean o)
    • changeLiteralObject

      public Statement changeLiteralObject(long o)
    • changeLiteralObject

      public Statement changeLiteralObject(char o)
    • changeLiteralObject

      public Statement changeLiteralObject(double o)
    • changeLiteralObject

      public Statement changeLiteralObject(float o)
    • changeLiteralObject

      public Statement changeLiteralObject(int o)
    • changeObject

      public Statement changeObject(String o)
    • changeObject

      public Statement changeObject(String o, String l)
    • changeObject

      public Statement changeObject(RDFNode o)
    • getBoolean

      public boolean getBoolean()
    • getByte

      public byte getByte()
    • getShort

      public short getShort()
    • getInt

      public int getInt()
    • getLong

      public long getLong()
    • getChar

      public char getChar()
    • getFloat

      public float getFloat()
    • getDouble

      public double getDouble()
    • getString

      public String getString()
    • getLanguage

      public String getLanguage()
    • toString

      public String toString()
      Answer a string describing this Statement in a vaguely pretty way, with the representations of the subject, predicate, and object in that order.
      toString in class Object