Class ReifierStd


public class ReifierStd extends Object
A Reifier that only supports one style Standard (intercept, no conceal -- and intercept is a no-op anyway because all triples appear in the underlying graph for storing all triples). This exists to give reification style "Standard" semantics primarily for legacy reasons.
  • Method Details

    • findEither

      public static ExtendedIterator<Triple> findEither(Graph graph, Triple match, boolean showHidden)
      Answer an iterator over the reification triples of this Reifier, or an empty iterator - if showHidden is false, only the exposed triples, otherwise only the concealed ones.
    • findExposed

      public static ExtendedIterator<Triple> findExposed(Graph graph, Triple match)
      Answer an iterator over all the reification triples that this Reifier exposes (ie all if Standard, none otherwise) that match m.
    • getTriple

      public static Triple getTriple(Graph graph, Node n)
      Answer the triple associated with the node n.
      n - the node to use as the key
      the associated triple, or null if none
    • hasTriple

      public static boolean hasTriple(Graph graph, Triple t)
      true iff there's > 0 mappings to this triple
    • hasTriple

      public static boolean hasTriple(Graph graph, Node node)
      true iff _n_ is associated with some triple.
    • allNodes

      public static ExtendedIterator<Node> allNodes(Graph graph)
      return an iterator over all the nodes that are reifiying something in the graph
    • allNodes

      public static ExtendedIterator<Node> allNodes(Graph graph, Triple t)
      return an iterator over all the nodes that are reifiying t in the graph
    • reifyAs

      public static Node reifyAs(Graph graph, Node node, Triple triple)
      note the triple _t_ as reified using _n_ as its representing node. If _n_ is already reifying something, a AlreadyReifiedException is thrown.
    • remove

      public static void remove(Graph graph, Triple triple)
      remove all bindings which map to this triple.
    • remove

      public static void remove(Graph graph, Node node, Triple triple)
      remove any existing binding for _n_; hasNode(n) will return false and getTriple(n) will return null. This only removes *unique, single* bindings.