Package org.apache.jena.ontology.models

package org.apache.jena.ontology.models
  • Class
    This base class provides convenience functions for the three "usual" graph makers and a place to hold the reification style for the graphs it constructs.
    A factory for providing instances of named graphs with appropriate storage models.
    A ModelGetter object can retrieve a Model given a URL for it.
    A ModelMaker contains a collection of named models, methods for creating new models [both named and anonymous] and opening previously-named models, removing models, and accessing a single "default" Model for this Maker.
    A ModelMakerImpl implements a ModelMaker over a GraphMaker.
    The revised and soon-to-be-core interface for sources of models, typically generated from RDF descriptions.
    A SimpleGraphFactory produces memory-based graphs and records them in a local map.