Class RoaringBitmapTripleIterator

All Implemented Interfaces:
Iterator<Triple>, org.apache.jena.atlas.iterator.IteratorCloseable<Triple>, org.apache.jena.atlas.lib.Closeable, ClosableIterator<Triple>, ExtendedIterator<Triple>

public class RoaringBitmapTripleIterator extends NiceIterator<Triple>
A triple iterator that iterates over triple indices in a RoaringBitmap BatchIterator. Only the #forEachRemaining method uses ImmutableBitmapDataProvider.forEach(org.roaringbitmap.IntConsumer) if there has been no #next or #hasNext call before. All triples are stored in a FastHashSet and each triple is retrieved from the set by its index. The bitmap typically is a subset of the triple indices in the set.