Interface XSNamedMap

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public interface XSNamedMap extends Map
Objects implementing the XSNamedMap interface are used to represent immutable collections of XML Schema components that can be accessed by name. Note that XSNamedMap does not inherit from XSObjectList. The XSObjects in XSNamedMaps are not maintained in any particular order.
  • Method Details

    • getLength

      int getLength()
      The number of XSObjects in the XSObjectList. The range of valid child object indices is 0 to length-1 inclusive.
    • item

      XSObject item(int index)
      Returns the indexth item in the collection or null if index is greater than or equal to the number of objects in the list. The index starts at 0.
      index - index into the collection.
      The XSObject at the indexth position in the XSObjectList, or null if the index specified is not valid.
    • itemByName

      XSObject itemByName(String namespace, String localName)
      Retrieves an XSObject specified by local name and namespace URI.
      Per XML Namespaces, applications must use the value null as the namespace parameter for methods if they wish to specify no namespace.
      namespace - The namespace URI of the XSObject to retrieve, or null if the XSObject has no namespace.
      localName - The local name of the XSObject to retrieve.
      A XSObject (of any type) with the specified local name and namespace URI, or null if they do not identify any object in this map.