Interface XSModelGroup

All Superinterfaces:
XSObject, XSTerm

public interface XSModelGroup extends XSTerm
This interface represents the Model Group schema component.
  • Field Details


      static final short COMPOSITOR_SEQUENCE
      This constant value signifies a sequence operator.
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      static final short COMPOSITOR_CHOICE
      This constant value signifies a choice operator.
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      static final short COMPOSITOR_ALL
      This content model represents a simplified version of the SGML &-Connector and is limited to the top-level of any content model. No element in the all content model may appear more than once.
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  • Method Details

    • getCompositor

      short getCompositor()
      [compositor]: one of all, choice or sequence. The valid constant values are: COMPOSITOR_SEQUENCE, COMPOSITOR_CHOICE, COMPOSITOR_ALL.
    • getParticles

      XSObjectList getParticles()
      A list of [particles] if it exists, otherwise an empty XSObjectList.
    • getAnnotation

      XSAnnotation getAnnotation()
      An annotation if it exists, otherwise null. If not null then the first [annotation] from the sequence of annotations.
    • getAnnotations

      XSObjectList getAnnotations()
      A sequence of [annotations] or an empty XSObjectList.