Class XSException

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public class XSException extends RuntimeException
The XML Schema API operations only raise exceptions in "exceptional" circumstances, i.e., when an operation is impossible to perform (either for logical reasons, because data is lost, or because the implementation has become unstable).

Implementations should raise other exceptions under other circumstances.

Some languages and object systems do not support the concept of exceptions. For such systems, error conditions may be indicated using native error reporting mechanisms. For some bindings, for example, methods may return error codes similar to those listed in the corresponding method descriptions.

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    • code

      public short code

      public static final short NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR
      If the implementation does not support the requested type of object or operation.
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      public static final short INDEX_SIZE_ERR
      If index or size is negative, or greater than the allowed value
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    • XSException

      public XSException(short code, String message)