Interface ValidationContext

All Known Implementing Classes:
ConfigurableValidationState, ValidationState

public interface ValidationContext
ValidationContext has all the information required for the validation of: id, idref, entity, notation, qname @xerces.internal
$Id: 713638 2008-11-13 04:42:18Z mrglavas $
Sandy Gao, IBM
  • Method Details

    • needFacetChecking

      boolean needFacetChecking()
    • needExtraChecking

      boolean needExtraChecking()
    • needToNormalize

      boolean needToNormalize()
    • useNamespaces

      boolean useNamespaces()
    • isEntityDeclared

      boolean isEntityDeclared(String name)
    • isEntityUnparsed

      boolean isEntityUnparsed(String name)
    • isIdDeclared

      boolean isIdDeclared(String name)
    • addId

      void addId(String name)
    • addIdRef

      void addIdRef(String name)
    • getSymbol

      String getSymbol(String symbol)
    • getURI

      String getURI(String prefix)
    • getLocale

      Locale getLocale()