Class MemDriver

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public class MemDriver extends JenaDriver

A Jena JDBC driver which creates connections to in-memory datasets

Connection URL

This driver expects a URL of the following form:


The dataset parameter is used to refer to a file containing the dataset you wish to load. Note that if you are creating the connection in code you may alternatively opt to provide a Dataset instance directly as a property named dataset to the JenaDriver.connect(String, Properties) method instead.

If you simply want to start with an empty dataset you may instead set the empty parameter to be true e.g.

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      public static final String MEM_DRIVER_PREFIX
      Constant for the memory driver prefix, this is appended to the base JenaDriver.DRIVER_PREFIX to form the URL prefix for JDBC Connection URLs for this driver
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      public static final String PARAM_DATASET
      Constant for the connection URL parameter used to specify a dataset file/instance to use
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      public static final String PARAM_EMPTY
      Constant for the connection URL parameter used to specify that an empty dataset should be used. If PARAM_DATASET is present then that parameter has precedence.
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    • MemDriver

      public MemDriver()
      Creates a new driver
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