Class JenaConnection

All Implemented Interfaces:
AutoCloseable, Connection, Wrapper
Direct Known Subclasses:
DatasetConnection, RemoteEndpointConnection

public abstract class JenaConnection extends Object implements Connection
Abstract base implementation of a Jena JDBC connection

Generally speaking this is a faithful implementation of a JDBC connection but it also provides a couple of Jena JDBC specific features:

  1. JDBC compatibility level
  2. Command pre-processors

The JDBC compatibility level allows the API to behave slightly differently depending on how JDBC like you need it to be, see JdbcCompatibility for more discussion on this.

Command pre-processors are an extension mechanism designed to allow Jena JDBC connections to cope with the fact that the tools consuming the API may be completely unaware that we speak SPARQL rather than SQL. They allow for manipulation of incoming command text as well as manipulation of the parsed SPARQL queries and updates as desired.