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public class WKTDatatype extends GeometryDatatype
WKTDatatype class allows the URI "geo:wktLiteral" to be used as a datatype and it will parse that datatype to a JTS Geometry. Req 10 All RDFS Literals of type geo:wktLiteral shall consist of an optional URI identifying the coordinate reference system followed by Simple Features Well Known Text (WKT) describing a geometric value. Valid geo:wktLiterals are formed by concatenating a valid, absolute URI as defined in [RFC 2396], one or more spaces (Unicode U+0020 character) as a separator, and a WKT string as defined in Simple Features [ISO 19125-1]. Req 11 The URI <> shall be assumed as the spatial reference system for geo:wktLiterals that do not * specify an explicit spatial reference system URI.
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