Constant Field Values



  • org.apache.jena.geosparql.implementation.datatype.GMLDatatype 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final java.lang.String GML_PREFIX "gml"
    public static final java.lang.String URI ""
  • org.apache.jena.geosparql.implementation.datatype.WKTDatatype 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final java.lang.String URI ""
  • org.apache.jena.geosparql.implementation.vocabulary.Geo 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final java.lang.String COORDINATE_DIMENSION ""
    public static final java.lang.String DIMENSION ""
    public static final java.lang.String EH_CONTAINS_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String EH_COVERED_BY_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String EH_COVERS_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String EH_DISJOINT_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String EH_EQUALS_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String EH_INSIDE_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String EH_MEET_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String EH_OVERLAP_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String GML ""
    public static final java.lang.String IS_EMPTY ""
    public static final java.lang.String IS_SIMPLE ""
    public static final java.lang.String IS_VALID ""
    public static final java.lang.String RCC_DISCONNECTED_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String RCC_EQUALS_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String RCC_EXTERNALLY_CONNECTED_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String RCC_NON_TAN_PROPER_PART_INVERSE_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String RCC_NON_TAN_PROPER_PART_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String RCC_PARTIALLY_OVERLAPPING_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String RCC_TAN_PROPER_PART_INVERSE_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String RCC_TAN_PROPER_PART_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String RELATE_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String SF_CONTAINS_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String SF_CROSSES_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String SF_DISJOINT_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String SF_EQUALS_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String SF_INTERSECTS_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String SF_OVERLAPS_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String SF_TOUCHES_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String SF_WITHIN_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String SPATIAL_DIMENSION ""
    public static final java.lang.String WKT ""
  • org.apache.jena.geosparql.implementation.vocabulary.Geof 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final java.lang.String BOUNDARY_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String BUFFER_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String CONVEXHULL_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String COORDINATE_DIMENSION ""
    public static final java.lang.String DIFFERENCE_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String DIMENSION ""
    public static final java.lang.String DISTANCE_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String EH_CONTAINS ""
    public static final java.lang.String EH_COVERED_BY ""
    public static final java.lang.String EH_COVERS ""
    public static final java.lang.String EH_DISJOINT ""
    public static final java.lang.String EH_EQUALS ""
    public static final java.lang.String EH_INSIDE ""
    public static final java.lang.String EH_MEET ""
    public static final java.lang.String EH_OVERLAP ""
    public static final java.lang.String ENVELOPE_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String GETSRID_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String INTERSECTION_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String IS_EMPTY ""
    public static final java.lang.String IS_SIMPLE ""
    public static final java.lang.String IS_VALID ""
    public static final java.lang.String RCC_DISCONNECTED ""
    public static final java.lang.String RCC_EQUALS ""
    public static final java.lang.String RCC_EXTERNALLY_CONNECTED ""
    public static final java.lang.String RCC_NON_TANGENTIAL_PROPER_PART ""
    public static final java.lang.String RCC_NON_TANGENTIAL_PROPER_PART_INVERSE ""
    public static final java.lang.String RCC_PARTIALLY_OVERLAPPING ""
    public static final java.lang.String RCC_TANGENTIAL_PROPER_PART ""
    public static final java.lang.String RCC_TANGENTIAL_PROPER_PART_INVERSE ""
    public static final java.lang.String RELATE ""
    public static final java.lang.String SF_CONTAINS ""
    public static final java.lang.String SF_CROSSES ""
    public static final java.lang.String SF_DISJOINT ""
    public static final java.lang.String SF_EQUALS ""
    public static final java.lang.String SF_INTERSECTS ""
    public static final java.lang.String SF_OVERLAPS ""
    public static final java.lang.String SF_TOUCHES ""
    public static final java.lang.String SF_WITHIN ""
    public static final java.lang.String SPATIAL_DIMENSION ""
    public static final java.lang.String SYMDIFFERENCE_NAME ""
    public static final java.lang.String UNION_NAME ""
  • org.apache.jena.geosparql.implementation.vocabulary.GeoSPARQL_URI 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final java.lang.String GEO_POS_URI ""
    public static final java.lang.String GEO_URI ""
    public static final java.lang.String GEOF_URI ""
    public static final java.lang.String GEOR_URI ""
    public static final java.lang.String GML_URI ""
    public static final java.lang.String RDF_URI ""
    public static final java.lang.String RDFS_URI ""
    public static final java.lang.String SF_URI ""
    public static final java.lang.String SPATIAL_FUNCTION_URI ""
    public static final java.lang.String SPATIAL_URI ""
    public static final java.lang.String UOM_URI ""
    public static final java.lang.String XSD_URI ""
  • org.apache.jena.geosparql.implementation.vocabulary.Other_URI 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final java.lang.String DC_URI ""
    public static final java.lang.String OWL_URI ""
    public static final java.lang.String SKOS_URI ""
  • org.apache.jena.geosparql.implementation.vocabulary.SpatialExtension 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final java.lang.String ANGLE ""
    public static final java.lang.String ANGLE_DEGREES ""
    public static final java.lang.String AZIMUTH ""
    public static final java.lang.String AZIMUTH_DEGREES ""
    public static final java.lang.String CONVERT_LAT_LON ""
    public static final java.lang.String CONVERT_LAT_LON_BOX ""
    public static final java.lang.String DISTANCE ""
    public static final java.lang.String EAST_GEOM_PROP ""
    public static final java.lang.String EAST_PROP ""
    public static final java.lang.String EQUALS ""
    public static final java.lang.String EQUALS_PROP ""
    public static final java.lang.String GEO_POS_LAT ""
    public static final java.lang.String GEO_POS_LON ""
    public static final java.lang.String GREAT_CIRCLE ""
    public static final java.lang.String GREAT_CIRCLE_GEOM ""
    public static final java.lang.String INTERSECT_BOX_GEOM_PROP ""
    public static final java.lang.String INTERSECT_BOX_PROP ""
    public static final java.lang.String NEARBY ""
    public static final java.lang.String NEARBY_GEOM_PROP ""
    public static final java.lang.String NEARBY_PROP ""
    public static final java.lang.String NORTH_GEOM_PROP ""
    public static final java.lang.String NORTH_PROP ""
    public static final java.lang.String SOUTH_GEOM_PROP ""
    public static final java.lang.String SOUTH_PROP ""
    public static final java.lang.String TRANSFORM ""
    public static final java.lang.String TRANSFORM_DATATYPE ""
    public static final java.lang.String TRANSFORM_SRS ""
    public static final java.lang.String WEST_GEOM_PROP ""
    public static final java.lang.String WEST_PROP ""
    public static final java.lang.String WITHIN_BOX_GEOM_PROP ""
    public static final java.lang.String WITHIN_BOX_PROP ""
    public static final java.lang.String WITHIN_CIRCLE ""
    public static final java.lang.String WITHIN_CIRCLE_GEOM_PROP ""
    public static final java.lang.String WITHIN_CIRCLE_PROP ""
  • org.apache.jena.geosparql.implementation.vocabulary.SRS_URI 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final java.lang.String DEFAULT_WKT_CRS84 ""
    public static final java.lang.String EPSG_BASE_SRS_URI ""
    public static final java.lang.String GREEK_GRID_CRS ""
    public static final java.lang.String OSGB36_CRS ""
    public static final java.lang.String WGS84_CRS ""
    public static final java.lang.String WGS84_CRS_GEOSPARQL_LEGACY ""
    public static final java.lang.String WGS84_WORLD_MERCATOR_CRS ""
  • org.apache.jena.geosparql.implementation.vocabulary.Unit_URI 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final java.lang.String ARC_MINUTE_URL ""
    public static final java.lang.String ARC_MINUTE_URN "urn:ogc:def:uom:EPSG::9103"
    public static final java.lang.String ARC_SECOND_URL ""
    public static final java.lang.String ARC_SECOND_URN "urn:ogc:def:uom:EPSG::9104"
    public static final java.lang.String CENTIMETER_URL ""
    public static final java.lang.String CENTIMETRE_URL ""
    public static final java.lang.String CENTIMETRE_URN "urn:ogc:def:uom:EPSG::1033"
    public static final java.lang.String DEGREE_URL ""
    public static final java.lang.String DEGREE_URN "urn:ogc:def:uom:EPSG::9102"
    public static final java.lang.String FOOT_URL ""
    public static final java.lang.String FOOT_URN "urn:ogc:def:uom:EPSG::9002"
    public static final java.lang.String GRAD_URL ""
    public static final java.lang.String GRAD_URN "urn:ogc:def:uom:EPSG::9105"
    public static final java.lang.String INCH_URL ""
    public static final java.lang.String KILOMETER_URL ""
    public static final java.lang.String KILOMETRE_URL ""
    public static final java.lang.String KILOMETRE_URN "urn:ogc:def:uom:EPSG::9036"
    public static final java.lang.String METER_URL ""
    public static final java.lang.String METRE_URL ""
    public static final java.lang.String METRE_URN "urn:ogc:def:uom:EPSG::9001"
    public static final java.lang.String MICRORADIAN_URL ""
    public static final java.lang.String MICRORADIAN_URN "urn:ogc:def:uom:EPSG::9109"
    public static final java.lang.String MILE_URL ""
    public static final java.lang.String MILLIMETER_URL ""
    public static final java.lang.String MILLIMETRE_URL ""
    public static final java.lang.String MILLIMETRE_URN "urn:ogc:def:uom:EPSG::1025"
    public static final java.lang.String NAUTICAL_MILE_URL ""
    public static final java.lang.String NAUTICAL_MILE_URN "urn:ogc:def:uom:EPSG::9030"
    public static final java.lang.String RADIAN_URL ""
    public static final java.lang.String RADIAN_URN "urn:ogc:def:uom:EPSG::9101"
    public static final java.lang.String STATUTE_MILE_URL ""
    public static final java.lang.String STATUTE_MILE_URN "urn:ogc:def:uom:EPSG::9093"
    public static final java.lang.String US_SURVEY_FOOT_URL ""
    public static final java.lang.String US_SURVEY_FOOT_URN "urn:ogc:def:uom:EPSG::9003"
    public static final java.lang.String YARD_URL ""
    public static final java.lang.String YARD_URN "urn:ogc:def:uom:EPSG::9096"
  • org.apache.jena.geosparql.spatial.property_functions.nearby.NearbyPF 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final java.lang.String DEFAULT_UNITS ""