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Package org.apache.jena.fuseki

Documentation for dispatch-execute.

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Package org.apache.jena.fuseki Description

Documentation for dispatch-execute.


  • Servlets

    • FusekiFilter :: Routes requests to Fuseki (handles the dynamic nature dataset naming) by calling ServiceRouter.
    • ServiceRouterServlet :: Routes requests to the appropriate service (i.e. implementing servlet).
    • ActionBase :: Creates a basic HttpAction and defines execCommonWorker.
    • ActionService :: Fills in HttpAction with dataset and endpoint. Calls setRequest on an HttpAction. It implements execCommonWorker as a lifecycle => executeAction => executeLifecycle => validate - perform
    • ServiceRouter :: Routing of request to the cocrete servlet implementations.

     ServiceDispatchServlet < ActionService < ActionBase 
     Services               < ActionService < ActionBase
     Admin operations       < ActionCtl    < ActionBase
     Task management        < ActionTasks  < ActionBase


    Located in FusekiRegistries.

    • ContentTypeToOperation:: Map<content-type, Operation>
    • ContentTypeToOperation:: Map<String, Operation>
    • Dispatch :: Map<Operation, ActionService>

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    Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0