Class JettyServerConfig


public class JettyServerConfig extends Object
Configuration of the Jetty server when run from the command line directly, not as a webapp/war file.
  • Field Details

    • port

      public int port
      Port to run the server service on
    • contextPath

      public String contextPath
      Path to run the server service under
    • jettyConfigFile

      public String jettyConfigFile
      Jetty config file - if null, use the built-in configuration of Jetty
    • loopback

      public boolean loopback
      Listen only on the loopback (localhost) interface
    • enableCompression

      public boolean enableCompression
      Enable Accept-Encoding compression. Set to false by default.
    • verboseLogging

      public boolean verboseLogging
      Enable additional logging
    • authConfigFile

      public String authConfigFile
      Authentication config file used to setup Jetty Basic auth, if a Jetty config file was set this is ignored since Jetty config allows much more complex auth methods to be implemented. Using Apache Shiro is better as well.
  • Constructor Details

    • JettyServerConfig

      public JettyServerConfig()