Class SelectBuilder

All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, DatasetClause<SelectBuilder>, PrologClause<SelectBuilder>, SelectClause<SelectBuilder>, SolutionModifierClause<SelectBuilder>, ValuesClause<SelectBuilder>, WhereClause<SelectBuilder>

Builder for SPARQL Select Queries.

The SelectBuilder provides chainable methods to programmatically generate SPARQL Select Queries. The application order of the methods is not relevant for the resulting query. An ExprFactory is intended for use along with the SelectBuilder to generate needed Expr parameter values. An ExprFactory that works with the same prefixes can be obtained with AbstractQueryBuilder.getExprFactory().

The SelectBuilder can be used as prepared query. Values for variables in the created query can be set with AbstractQueryBuilder.setVar(Object, Object) and AbstractQueryBuilder.setVar(Var, Node). The method clearWhereValues() allows to clear the set values.

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