Class GraphListenerCounter

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    public abstract class GraphListenerCounter
    extends GraphListenerBase
    Adds a regular "tick" based on the number of adds or deletes seen. The additions and deletions ticks are independent.
    • Constructor Detail

      • GraphListenerCounter

        public GraphListenerCounter​(int addTickCount)
        Create a listener that "ticks" on additions to the graph (-1 means "off")
        addTickCount -
      • GraphListenerCounter

        public GraphListenerCounter​(int addTickCount,
                                    int deleteTickCount)
        Create a listener that "ticks" on additions and deletions (in each case, -1 means "off")
        addTickCount - Notification tick for additions to the graph
        deleteTickCount - Notification tick for deletions to the graph
    • Method Detail

      • reset

        public void reset()
      • getAddTickSize

        public final int getAddTickSize()
      • getDeleteTickSize

        public final int getDeleteTickSize()
      • getAddCount

        public final long getAddCount()
      • getDeleteCount

        public final long getDeleteCount()
      • getAddTicks

        public final long getAddTicks()
      • getDeleteTicks

        public final long getDeleteTicks()