Class SPARQLResult

  • public class SPARQLResult
    extends java.lang.Object
    The class "ResultSet" is reserved for the SELECT result format. This class can hold a ResultSet, a boolean or a Model.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SPARQLResult

        public SPARQLResult​(Model model)
      • SPARQLResult

        public SPARQLResult​(ResultSet resultSet)
      • SPARQLResult

        public SPARQLResult​(boolean booleanResult)
      • SPARQLResult

        public SPARQLResult​(Dataset dataset)
      • SPARQLResult

        public SPARQLResult​(java.util.Iterator<JsonObject> jsonItems)
    • Method Detail

      • isResultSet

        public boolean isResultSet()
      • isModel

        public boolean isModel()
        Synonym for isGraph
      • isGraph

        public boolean isGraph()
      • isDataset

        public boolean isDataset()
      • isBoolean

        public boolean isBoolean()
      • isJson

        public boolean isJson()
      • getResultSet

        public ResultSet getResultSet()
      • getBooleanResult

        public java.lang.Boolean getBooleanResult()
      • getModel

        public Model getModel()
      • getDataset

        public Dataset getDataset()
      • getJsonItems

        public java.util.Iterator<JsonObject> getJsonItems()
      • isHasBeenSet

        public boolean isHasBeenSet()