Class CSVInput

  • public class CSVInput
    extends java.lang.Object
    Convenient comma separated values - see also TSV (tab separated values) which outputs full RDF terms (in Turtle-style). The CSV format supported is:
    • First row is variable names without '?'
    • Strings, quoted if necessary and numbers output only. No language tags, or datatypes. URIs are send without $lt;>
    • CSV is RFC 4180, but there are many variations.
    This code reads the file and treats everything as strings.

    The code also allows for parsing boolean results where we expect the header to be a single string from the set: true yes false no

    Any other value is considered an error for parsing a boolean results and anything past the first line is ignored

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      static ResultSet fromCSV​( in)  
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      • CSVInput

        public CSVInput()
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        public static ResultSet fromCSV​( in)