Class strSplit

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    public class strSplit
    extends PFuncSimpleAndList
    Property function that requires the object to contain a list of two items, the first of which is a string to be split, and the second is a regular expression denoting the split point. If the subject is an unbound variable, it is bound for each result of the split, and each result has the whitespace trimmed from it. If the subject is not an unbound variable, then the property function will match if and only if the subject is one of the split results.
    • Constructor Detail

      • strSplit

        public strSplit()
    • Method Detail

      • build

        public void build​(PropFuncArg argSubject,
                          Node predicate,
                          PropFuncArg argObject,
                          ExecutionContext execCxt)
        Description copied from interface: PropertyFunction
        Called during query plan construction immediately after the construction of the property function instance.
        Specified by:
        build in interface PropertyFunction
        build in class PropertyFunctionBase
        argSubject - The parsed argument(s) in the subject position
        predicate - The extension URI (as a Node).
        argObject - The parsed argument(s) in the object position
        execCxt - Execution context
      • execEvaluated

        public QueryIterator execEvaluated​(Binding binding,
                                           Node subject,
                                           Node predicate,
                                           PropFuncArg object,
                                           ExecutionContext execCxt)
        Specified by:
        execEvaluated in class PFuncSimpleAndList
        binding - Current solution from previous query stage
        subject - Node in subject slot, after substitution if a bound variable in this binding
        predicate - This predicate
        object - List in object slot, after substitution of any bound variables in this binding
        execCxt - Execution context