Class ProcedurePF

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, Procedure, PrintSerializable

    public class ProcedurePF
    extends PrintSerializableBase
    implements Procedure
    Adapter between property functions and server procedures When called, this wrapper reconstructs the usual property function calling conventions.
    • Method Detail

      • proc

        public QueryIterator proc​(QueryIterator input,
                                  ExecutionContext execCxt)
        Description copied from interface: Procedure
        Call the procedure, with an input iterator of bindings. Implementations can inherit from the convenience form ProcEval which calls repeated for each binding.
        Specified by:
        proc in interface Procedure
        input - QueryIterator from the previous stage
        execCxt - The execution context
      • build

        public void build​(Node procId,
                          ExprList args,
                          ExecutionContext execCxt)
        Description copied from interface: Procedure
        Called during query plan construction immediately after the construction of the property function instance.
        Specified by:
        build in interface Procedure
        procId - The procedure identifier (usually a URI)
        args - The argument list (unevaluated expressions)
        execCxt - Execution context