Class UpdateEngineMain

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    public class UpdateEngineMain
    extends UpdateEngineBase
    Default implementation of an update engine based on stream updates to a worker function. In addition, it applies INSERT DATA and DELETE DATA driven off the updates, which may be directly from the parser.

    Developers who only want to change/extend the processing of individual updates can easily

    See UpdateEngineNonStreaming for a subclass that accumulates updates, including during parsing then executes the operation.

    • Constructor Detail

      • UpdateEngineMain

        public UpdateEngineMain​(DatasetGraph datasetGraph,
                                Binding inputBinding,
                                Context context)
        Creates a new Update Engine
        datasetGraph - DatasetGraph the updates operate over
        inputBinding - Initial binding to be applied to Update operations that can apply an initial binding (i.e. UpdateDeleteWhere, UpdateModify)
        context - Execution Context
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      • startRequest

        public void startRequest()
        Description copied from interface: UpdateEngine
        Signal start of a request being executed
      • finishRequest

        public void finishRequest()
        Description copied from interface: UpdateEngine
        Signal end of a request being executed