Class RDFTerm2Json

  • public class RDFTerm2Json
    extends java.lang.Object
    General converting of Nodes to JSON.

    This is a one way, lossy, conversion from an RDF Term to the best available JSON value.

    This is not SPARQL results in JSON (application/result-sets+json).

    RDF Term JSON value
    URI String
    xsd:string String
    rdf:langString String (no @lang)
    XSD numeric JSON number
    xsd:boolean boolean
    Literal, other datatype String, no ^^
    Unbound JSON null

    See also NV for conversion to and from NodeValues for function argument and results.
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      static JsonValue fromNode​(Node node)  
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      • RDFTerm2Json

        public RDFTerm2Json()