Class NodeFunctions

  • public class NodeFunctions
    extends java.lang.Object
    Implementation of node-centric functions.
    • Constructor Detail

      • NodeFunctions

        public NodeFunctions()
    • Method Detail

      • checkAndGetStringLiteral

        public static Node checkAndGetStringLiteral​(java.lang.String label,
                                                    NodeValue nv)
        check and get a string (may be a simple literal, literal with language tag or an XSD string).
      • checkTwoArgumentStringLiterals

        public static void checkTwoArgumentStringLiterals​(java.lang.String label,
                                                          NodeValue arg1,
                                                          NodeValue arg2)
        Check for string operations with primary first arg and second arg (e.g. CONTAINS). The arguments are not used in the same way and the check operation is not symmetric.
      • "abc"@en is compatible with "abc"
      • "abc" is NOT compatible with "abc"@en