Class ReorderFixedAlt

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    public class ReorderFixedAlt
    extends ReorderTransformationSubstitution
    Alternative fixed reorder function. This corresponds to the algorithm prior to Jena 2.11.2. It is susceptible to picking bad orders when there are lots of non-characteristic (non-selective) rdf:type triples.

    The default "ReorderFixed" is better in most cases because it avoids "? rdf:type T" which can be very unselective. Being data independent, that is a guess. Consider using the stats matcher for detailed control.

    • Field Detail

      • MultiTermSampleSize

        public static int MultiTermSampleSize
        The number of triples used for the base scale
      • MultiTermMax

        public static int MultiTermMax
        Maximum value for a match involving two terms.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ReorderFixedAlt

        public ReorderFixedAlt()