Class StageBuilder

  • public class StageBuilder
    extends java.lang.Object
    The stage builder (there is only one) is a library that encapsulates evaluation of a basic graph pattern (BGP). Matching BGPs is an extension point of SPARQL; different entailment regimes plug in at this point. They are also an extension point in ARQ to connect to any datasource, the most common case being connecting to a Jena graph. The StageBuilder finds the registered StageGenerator, and calls it to evaluate a basic graph pattern that has any bound variables replaced by their value (in effect, an index join). Extension happens by registering a different StageGenerator in the context object for the execution. Setting the StageGenerator in the global context (ARQ) makes it available to all query execution created after the point of setting. Helper static methods for setting the stage generator are provided.
    • Field Detail

      • executeInline

        public static StageGenerator executeInline
        The plain StageGenerator, no reordering
    • Constructor Detail

      • StageBuilder

        public StageBuilder()