Class Service

  • public class Service
    extends java.lang.Object
    Execution of OpService
    • Field Detail

      • queryCompression

        public static final Symbol queryCompression
        Use to set the HttpQuery.allowCompression flag.
      • queryClient

        public static final Symbol queryClient
        Use to set the HTTP client for a service.
      • serviceContext

        public static final Symbol serviceContext
        Use this Symbol to allow passing additional service context variables SERVICE <IRI> call. Parameters need to be grouped by SERVICE <IRI>, a Map<String, Context> is assumed. The key of the first map is the SERVICE IRI, the value is a Context who's values will override any defaults in the original context.
      • serviceAllowed

        public static final Symbol serviceAllowed
        Control whether SERVICE processing is allowed. If the context contains this, and it is set to "false", then SERVICE is not allowed.
      • queryTimeout

        public static final Symbol queryTimeout
        Set timeout. The value of this symbol gives the value of the timeout in milliseconds
        • A Number; the long value is used
        • A string, e.g. "1000", parsed as a number
        • A string, as two numbers separated by a comma, e.g. "500,10000" parsed as two numbers
        The first value is passed to HttpQuery.setConnectTimeout() the second, if it exists, is passed to HttpQuery.setReadTimeout()
    • Constructor Detail

      • Service

        public Service()
    • Method Detail

      • exec

        public static QueryIterator exec​(OpService op,
                                         Context context)
        Executes a service operator
        op - Service
        context - Context
        Query iterator of service results