Class BasicPattern

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    public class BasicPattern
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements java.lang.Iterable<Triple>
    A class whose purpose is to give a name to a collection of triples. Reduces the use of bland "List" in APIs (Java 1.4)
    • Constructor Detail

      • BasicPattern

        public BasicPattern()
    • Method Detail

      • wrap

        public static BasicPattern wrap​(java.util.List<Triple> triples)
        Wrap a list of triples up as a BasicPattern. Changing the list, changes the BasicPattern
      • add

        public void add​(Triple t)
      • add

        public void add​(int i,
                        Triple t)
      • get

        public Triple get​(int i)
      • iterator

        public java.util.Iterator<Triple> iterator()
        Specified by:
        iterator in interface java.lang.Iterable<Triple>
      • size

        public int size()
      • isEmpty

        public boolean isEmpty()
      • getList

        public java.util.List<Triple> getList()
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class java.lang.Object
      • equals

        public boolean equals​(java.lang.Object other)
        equals in class java.lang.Object
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        toString in class java.lang.Object