Class SyntaxLabels

  • public class SyntaxLabels
    extends java.lang.Object
    Factory for default policies for syntax labels to and from nodes For label to node (parsing) we use a scalable hashing scheme (MD5 of a seed and the label)

    For node to label (pretty labels output), we use a unique tracking scheme. Fully scalable writers use different polices and don't have short, pretty bNode labels.

    These should be used pairs:

         createNodeToLabel , createLabelToNode
         createNodeToLabelRT , createLabelToNodeRT
         createNodeToLabelAsGiven , createLabelToNodeAsGiven
    "AsGiven" assumes that the label is valid syntax for the usage, no checking.
    "RT" encodes the label into characters 0-9,A-Z.
    See Also:
    NodeToLabel, LabelToNode
    • Constructor Detail

      • SyntaxLabels

        public SyntaxLabels()
    • Method Detail

      • createNodeToLabel

        public static NodeToLabel createNodeToLabel()
        Default setup - scope by document, relabel BNodes ids to short forms
      • createLabelToNode

        public static LabelToNode createLabelToNode()
        Default setup - scope by document, relabel BNodes ids to short forms
      • createNodeToLabelRT

        public static NodeToLabel createNodeToLabelRT()
        Round-trip setup
      • createLabelToNodeRT

        public static LabelToNode createLabelToNodeRT()
        Round-trip setup
      • createNodeToLabelAsGiven

        public static NodeToLabel createNodeToLabelAsGiven()
        Raw string label setup
      • createLabelToNodeAsGiven

        public static LabelToNode createLabelToNodeAsGiven()
        Raw string label setup