Class Serializer

  • public class Serializer
    extends java.lang.Object
    The injection point for the Quad Serializable process. This class is public to allow system initialization to inject handler functions for Quad. See also Node and Triple.
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      static java.util.function.Function<Quad,​java.lang.Object> getQuadSerializer()
      Return the current triple serializer replacement function.
      static void setQuadSerializer​(java.util.function.Function<Quad,​java.lang.Object> writeReplaceFunction)
      Set the quad serializer replacement function.
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      • Serializer

        public Serializer()
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      • setQuadSerializer

        public static void setQuadSerializer​(java.util.function.Function<Quad,​java.lang.Object> writeReplaceFunction)
        Set the quad serializer replacement function. This is a function called by Triple.writeReplace during the Serializable process. The return is an object used in place of Quad for the serialization.
         ANY-ACCESS-MODIFIER Object writeReplace() throws ObjectStreamException;

        The returned object must provide

         ANY-ACCESS-MODIFIER Object readResolve() throws ObjectStreamException;

        where "Object" is a Quad.

        See Also:
      • getQuadSerializer

        public static java.util.function.Function<Quad,​java.lang.Object> getQuadSerializer()
        Return the current triple serializer replacement function.