Interface FactoryRDF

    • Method Detail

      • createURI

        Node createURI​(java.lang.String uriStr)
      • createTypedLiteral

        Node createTypedLiteral​(java.lang.String lexical,
                                RDFDatatype datatype)
      • createLangLiteral

        Node createLangLiteral​(java.lang.String lexical,
                               java.lang.String langTag)
      • createStringLiteral

        Node createStringLiteral​(java.lang.String lexical)
      • createBlankNode

        Node createBlankNode()
        Create a blank node which is completely new and used nowhere else.
      • createBlankNode

        Node createBlankNode​(java.lang.String label)
        Create a blank node with the given string as internal system id
      • reset

        void reset()
        Reset any internal state that should not be carried across parse runs (e.g. blank node labels).