Class ErrorHandlerFactory.ErrorHandlerTracking

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    public static class ErrorHandlerFactory.ErrorHandlerTracking
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements ErrorHandler
    An error handler that logs message for errors and warnings and throw exceptions on either
    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      ErrorHandlerTracking​(org.slf4j.Logger log, boolean failOnError, boolean failOnWarning)  
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      void error​(java.lang.String message, long line, long col)
      report an error
      void fatal​(java.lang.String message, long line, long col)
      report a catastrophic error.
      long getErrorCount()  
      long getWarningCount()  
      boolean hadErrors()  
      boolean hadIssues()  
      boolean hadWarnings()  
      void warning​(java.lang.String message, long line, long col)
      report a warning
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    • Constructor Detail

      • ErrorHandlerTracking

        public ErrorHandlerTracking​(org.slf4j.Logger log,
                                    boolean failOnError,
                                    boolean failOnWarning)
    • Method Detail

      • warning

        public void warning​(java.lang.String message,
                            long line,
                            long col)
        report a warning
        Specified by:
        warning in interface ErrorHandler
      • error

        public void error​(java.lang.String message,
                          long line,
                          long col)
        report an error
        Specified by:
        error in interface ErrorHandler
      • fatal

        public void fatal​(java.lang.String message,
                          long line,
                          long col)
        Description copied from interface: ErrorHandler
        report a catastrophic error. Must not return.
        Specified by:
        fatal in interface ErrorHandler
      • getErrorCount

        public long getErrorCount()
      • getWarningCount

        public long getWarningCount()
      • hadErrors

        public boolean hadErrors()
      • hadWarnings

        public boolean hadWarnings()
      • hadIssues

        public boolean hadIssues()