Class JSONInputIterator

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.util.Iterator<Binding>,, org.apache.jena.atlas.lib.Closeable, QueryIterator, PrintSerializable

    public class JSONInputIterator
    extends QueryIteratorBase
    Streaming Iterator over SPARQL JSON results, not yet fully implemented (see JENA-267)

    Creating the Iterator automatically causes it to parse a small chunk of the stream to determine the variables in the result set either by reading the header or reading some portion of the results if the results appear before the header since JSON does not guarantee the order of keys within an object

    • Constructor Detail

      • JSONInputIterator

        public JSONInputIterator​( input)
        Creates a SPARQL JSON Iterator

        Automatically parses some portion of the input to determine the variables in use

    • Method Detail

      • getVars

        public java.util.Iterator<java.lang.String> getVars()
        Returns the variables present in the result sets
      • isBooleanResult

        public boolean isBooleanResult()
        Gets whether the SPARQL JSON represents a boolean result set
      • output

        public void output​( out,
                           SerializationContext sCxt)