Class LabelToNode

  • public class LabelToNode
    extends MapWithScope<java.lang.String,​Node,​Node>
    Allocation Nodes (Bnodes usually) based on the graph and label Various different policies. See SyntaxLabels.createLabelToNode() for getting a default setup; some of the others are for testing and debugging and may not generate legal RDF overall (e.g. reparsing the same file gets the same bNodes)
    • Method Detail

      • createScopeByDocumentHash

        public static LabelToNode createScopeByDocumentHash()
        Allocation from a single scope; just the label matters. This is the RDF syntax correct policy.
      • createScopeByDocumentHash

        public static LabelToNode createScopeByDocumentHash​(java.util.UUID seed)
        Allocation from a single scope; just the label matters. Use this policy if repeated runs must give identical allocations
        seed - Seed
      • createScopeGlobal

        public static LabelToNode createScopeGlobal()
        The policy up to jena 2.10.0 - problems at very large scale
      • createScopeByGraph

        public static LabelToNode createScopeByGraph()
        Allocation scoped by graph and label.
      • createUseLabelAsGiven

        public static LabelToNode createUseLabelAsGiven()
        Allocation using syntax label; output is unsafe for reading (use createUseLabelEncoded() for output-input). The reverse operation is provided by NodeToLabel.createBNodeByLabelAsGiven() but the pair is unsafe for output-input. Use encoded labels for that. The main purpose of this LabelToNode is to preserve the used label for debugging.
      • createIncremental

        public static LabelToNode createIncremental()
        Allocation, globally scoped, that uses a incrementing field to create new nodes