Class CollectorStreamBase<T>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - Type of the value stored in the collection
    All Implemented Interfaces:
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    CollectorStreamQuads, CollectorStreamTriples

    public abstract class CollectorStreamBase<T>
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements StreamRDF
    Base class for StreamRDF implementations which store received objects in a Collection. The resulting collection can be retrieved via the getCollected() method. Implementations are suitable for single-threaded parsing, for use with small data or distributed computing frameworks (e.g. Hadoop) where the overhead of creating many threads is significant.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CollectorStreamBase

        public CollectorStreamBase()
    • Method Detail

      • finish

        public void finish()
        Description copied from interface: StreamRDF
        Finish processing
        Specified by:
        finish in interface StreamRDF
      • triple

        public void triple​(Triple triple)
        Description copied from interface: StreamRDF
        Triple emitted
        Specified by:
        triple in interface StreamRDF
      • quad

        public void quad​(Quad quad)
        Description copied from interface: StreamRDF
        Quad emitted
        Specified by:
        quad in interface StreamRDF
      • start

        public void start()
        Description copied from interface: StreamRDF
        Start processing
        Specified by:
        start in interface StreamRDF
      • base

        public void base​(java.lang.String base)
        Description copied from interface: StreamRDF
        base declaration seen
        Specified by:
        base in interface StreamRDF
      • prefix

        public void prefix​(java.lang.String prefix,
                           java.lang.String iri)
        Description copied from interface: StreamRDF
        prefix declaration seen
        Specified by:
        prefix in interface StreamRDF
      • getPrefixes

        public PrefixMap getPrefixes()
      • getBaseIri

        public java.lang.String getBaseIri()
      • getCollected

        public abstract java.util.Collection<T> getCollected()
        The collection received by this instance.