Class ReaderRIOTBase

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    public abstract class ReaderRIOTBase
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements ReaderRIOT
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      void read​( in, java.lang.String baseURI, ContentType ct, StreamRDF output, Context context)
      Read from an InputStream and output RDF on the StreamRDF.
      abstract void read​( in, java.lang.String baseURI, Lang lang, StreamRDF output, Context context)  
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      • ReaderRIOTBase

        public ReaderRIOTBase()
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      • read

        public void read​( in,
                         java.lang.String baseURI,
                         ContentType ct,
                         StreamRDF output,
                         Context context)
        Description copied from interface: ReaderRIOT
        Read from an InputStream and output RDF on the StreamRDF.
        Specified by:
        read in interface ReaderRIOT
        in - InputStream
        baseURI - Base URI (or null)
        ct - Content-Type if available. Routing to the right parser will have already been done so this only useful to get addition Content-Type information or if this ReaderRIOT can handle multiple media types.
        output - Destination for the parser output.
        context - Environment settings.
      • read

        public abstract void read​( in,
                                  java.lang.String baseURI,
                                  Lang lang,
                                  StreamRDF output,
                                  Context context)