Class MatchRDFS<X,​T>

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    Direct Known Subclasses:
    InfFindQuad, InfFindTriple

    public abstract class MatchRDFS<X,​T>
    extends CxtInf<X,​T>
    implements Match<X,​T>
    Match a 3-tuple, which might have wildcards, applying a fixed set of inference rules. This class is the core machinery of matching data using an RDFS schema. This is inference on the A-Box (the data) with respect to a fixed T-Box (the vocabulary, ontology).

    This class implements:

    • rdfs:subClassOf (transitive)
    • rdfs:subPropertyOf (transitive)
    • rdfs:domain
    • rdfs:range
    See Also:
    ApplyRDFS for the matching algorithm.
    • Method Detail

      • match

        public final<T> match​(X s,
                                                      X p,
                                                      X o)
        Specified by:
        match in interface Match<X,​T>