Class TestManifestX


public class TestManifestX extends Object
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  • Field Details

    • NS

      public static final String NS

      The namespace of the vocabulary as a string

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      public static final Resource NAMESPACE

      The namespace of the vocabulary as a resource

    • dataSyntax

      public static final Property dataSyntax

      Syntax of the query

    • defaultTestType

      public static final Property defaultTestType

      Default type of a test

    • include

      public static final Property include

      Include another manifest file.

    • option

      public static final Property option

      Option for an action

    • querySyntax

      public static final Property querySyntax

      Syntax of the query

    • textIndex

      public static final Property textIndex

      Whether to create a text index

    • NegativeSyntaxTestARQ

      public static final Resource NegativeSyntaxTestARQ

      Syntax tests which expect a parse failure

    • PositiveSyntaxTestARQ

      public static final Resource PositiveSyntaxTestARQ

      Syntax tests (query)

    • NegativeUpdateSyntaxTestARQ

      public static final Resource NegativeUpdateSyntaxTestARQ

      Syntax tests which expect a parse failure

    • PositiveUpdateSyntaxTestARQ

      public static final Resource PositiveUpdateSyntaxTestARQ

      Syntax tests (query)

    • TestQuery

      public static final Resource TestQuery

      The class of test that are Query tests (query, data, results)

    • TestSerialization

      public static final Resource TestSerialization

      Query serialization tests

    • TestSurpressed

      public static final Resource TestSurpressed

      Query test not to be run

  • Constructor Details

    • TestManifestX

      public TestManifestX()
  • Method Details

    • getURI

      public static String getURI()

      The namespace of the vocabulary as a string

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