Class ResultSetGraphVocab


public class ResultSetGraphVocab extends Object
Vocabulary definitions from result-set.n3
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  • Field Details

    • NS

      public static final String NS

      The namespace of the vocabulary as a string

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      public static final Resource NAMESPACE

      The namespace of the vocabulary as a resource

    • p_boolean

      public static final Property p_boolean

      Boolean result

    • value

      public static final Property value

      Variable name

    • variable

      public static final Property variable

      Variable name

    • index

      public static final Property index

      Index for ordered result sets

    • binding

      public static final Property binding

      Multi-occurrence property associating a result solution (row) resource to a single (variable, value) binding

    • resultVariable

      public static final Property resultVariable

      MultivaluedName of a variable used in the result set

    • size

      public static final Property size

      Number of rows in the result table

    • solution

      public static final Property solution
    • ResultBinding

      public static final Resource ResultBinding

      Class of things that represent a single (variable, value) pairing

    • ResultSolution

      public static final Resource ResultSolution

      Class of things that represent a row in the result table - one solution to the query

    • ResultSet

      public static final Resource ResultSet

      Class of things that represent the result set

  • Constructor Details

    • ResultSetGraphVocab

      public ResultSetGraphVocab()
  • Method Details

    • getURI

      public static String getURI()

      The namespace of the vocabulary as a string

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