Class ItemLift


public class ItemLift extends Object
Lift and reverse.

All liftItem(org.apache.jena.sparql.sse.Item) and lowerItem(org.apache.jena.sparql.sse.Item)

Compound - processes nodes that become compound items -- (qtriple)

Symbol - processes nodes by special names. TRUE, FALSE

  • Constructor Details

    • ItemLift

      public ItemLift()
  • Method Details

    • liftItem

      public static Item liftItem(Item item)
    • lowerItem

      public static Item lowerItem(Item item)
    • liftCompound

      public static Item liftCompound(Item item)
    • lowerCompound

      public static Item lowerCompound(Node node)
      Reverse lift.
    • lowerCompound

      public static Item lowerCompound(Item item)
      Reverse the lift transformation.
    • liftSymbol

      public static Item liftSymbol(Item item)
    • lowerSymbol

      public static Item lowerSymbol(Item item)
    • lowerSymbol

      public static Item lowerSymbol(Node node)