Class TemplateLib


public class TemplateLib extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • TemplateLib

      public TemplateLib()
  • Method Details

    • template

      public static Iterator<Quad> template(List<Quad> quads, Node dftGraph, Iterator<Binding> bindings)
      Take a template, as a list of quad patterns, a default graph, and an iterator of bindings, and produce an iterator of quads that results from applying the template to the bindings.
    • remapDefaultGraph

      public static List<Quad> remapDefaultGraph(List<Quad> quads, Node dftGraph)
      Map quads to a different graph if they are in the default graph.
    • calcTriples

      public static Iterator<Triple> calcTriples(List<Triple> triples, Iterator<Binding> bindings)
      Substitute into triple patterns
    • calcQuads

      public static Iterator<Quad> calcQuads(List<Quad> quads, Iterator<Binding> bindings)
      Substitute into quad patterns
    • subst

      public static Quad subst(Quad quad, Binding b, Map<Node,Node> bNodeMap)
      Substitute into a quad, with rewriting of bNodes
    • subst

      public static Triple subst(Triple triple, Binding b, Map<Node,Node> bNodeMap)
      Substitute into a triple, with rewriting of bNodes