Class GraphOps


public class GraphOps extends Object
Some operations on graphs
  • Constructor Details

    • GraphOps

      public GraphOps()
  • Method Details

    • containsGraph

      public static boolean containsGraph(DatasetGraph dsg, Node gn)
      Check whether a dataset contains a named graph of the given name. Graph with special names (union and default) return true.
    • getGraph

      public static Graph getGraph(DatasetGraph dsg, Node gn)
      Get a graph from the dataset - the graph name may be special - the union graph (which is immutable) or a special name for the default graph.

      A graph name of "null" is interpreted as the default graph.

    • unionGraph

      public static Graph unionGraph(DatasetGraph dsg, Set<Node> graphNames)
      Create an immutable union graph comprised of a set of named graphs.
    • unionGraph

      public static Graph unionGraph(DatasetGraph dsg)
      Create an immutable union graph of all the named graphs in the dataset. Future changes to the set of graphs in the dataset will be seen.
    • addAll

      public static void addAll(Graph g, Iterator<Triple> iter)
    • addAll

      public static void addAll(Graph g, Iterable<Triple> iter)
    • deleteAll

      public static void deleteAll(Graph g, Iterator<Triple> iter)
    • deleteAll

      public static void deleteAll(Graph g, Iterable<Triple> iter)
    • unwrapAll

      public static Graph unwrapAll(Graph graph)
      Remove all layers of graph wrapping. Returns the original graph if not wrapped at all.
    • isWrapped

      public static boolean isWrapped(Graph graph)
      Remove one layer of graph wrapping.
    • unwrapOne

      public static Graph unwrapOne(Graph graph)
      Remove one layer of graph wrapping. Returns the original graph if not wrapped at all.