Class AggregateRegistry


public class AggregateRegistry extends Object
Registry of custom aggregates There is only a single global registry of aggregates - it affects parsing and parsing happens before Context or Execution makes sense.
  • Constructor Details

    • AggregateRegistry

      public AggregateRegistry()
  • Method Details

    • init

      public static void init()
    • register

      public static void register(String uri, AccumulatorFactory accFactory)
      Register a custom aggregate, with its associated factory for accumulators.
    • register

      public static void register(String uri, AccumulatorFactory accFactory, org.apache.jena.graph.Node noGroupValue)
    • unregister

      public static void unregister(String uri)
      Remove a registration.
    • getAccumulatorFactory

      public static AccumulatorFactory getAccumulatorFactory(String uri)
      Return the AccumulatorFactory for a registered custom aggregate.
    • getNoGroupValue

      public static org.apache.jena.graph.Node getNoGroupValue(String uri)
      Return the registered "no groups" value
    • isRegistered

      public static boolean isRegistered(String uri)
      Is the URI registered as an aggregate function?