Interface QuadTable

All Superinterfaces:
TransactionalComponent, TupleTable<Quad>
All Known Implementing Classes:
HexTable, PMapQuadTable

public interface QuadTable extends TupleTable<Quad>
A simplex or multiplex table of Quads. Implementations may wish to override listGraphNodes() with a more efficient implementation.
  • Method Details

    • find

      Stream<Quad> find(Node g, Node s, Node p, Node o)
      Search the table using a pattern of slots. Node.ANY or null will work as a wildcard.
      g - the graph node of the pattern
      s - the subject node of the pattern
      p - the predicate node of the pattern
      o - the object node of the pattern
      an Stream of matched quads
    • listGraphNodes

      default Stream<Node> listGraphNodes()
      Discover the graphs named in the table
      an Stream of graph names used in this table
    • clear

      default void clear()
      Description copied from interface: TupleTable
      Clear all tuples from this table.
      Specified by:
      clear in interface TupleTable<Quad>
    • findInUnionGraph

      default Stream<Quad> findInUnionGraph(Node s, Node p, Node o)