Class OrderedTupleTable<TupleType,ConsumerType>

Type Parameters:
TupleType - the tuple type in which an instance of this class works, typically Triple or Quad
ConsumerType - a consumer type that can accept the elements of a TupleType, typically TConsumer3 or TConsumer4
All Implemented Interfaces:
TransactionalComponent, TupleTable<TupleType>
Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class OrderedTupleTable<TupleType,ConsumerType> extends Object implements TupleTable<TupleType>
A table of TupleType tuples that uses an internal order recorded via TupleMap. In this code, names g, s, p and o are used for the components of a tuple in canonical order, and x1 through x4 are used for the components of a tuple in internal order.
  • Constructor Details

    • OrderedTupleTable

      public OrderedTupleTable(org.apache.jena.atlas.lib.tuple.TupleMap order)
      order - the order of elements in this table