Class SystemARQ


public class SystemARQ extends Object
  • Field Details

    • ValueExtensions

      public static boolean ValueExtensions
      Control whether addition datatypes, over and above strict, minimal SPARQL compliance, are handled. Examples include xsd:date and simple literal/xsd:string.
    • StrictDateTimeFO

      public static boolean StrictDateTimeFO
      Under strict F&O, dateTimes and dates that have no timezone have one magically applied. This default timezone is implementation dependent and can lead to different answers to queries depending on the timezone. Normally, ARQ uses XMLSchema dateTime comparisons, which an yield "indeterminate", which in turn is an evaluation error. F&O insists on true/false and so can lead to false positives and negatives.
    • EnableRomanNumerals

      public static boolean EnableRomanNumerals
      Whether support for Roman numerals (datatype Mainly a test of datatype extension.
    • UsePlainGraph

      public static boolean UsePlainGraph
      Use a plain graph (sameValueAs is term equality)
  • Constructor Details

    • SystemARQ

      public SystemARQ()
  • Method Details

    • sync

      public static void sync(Model model)
      Sync a Model if it provides the underlying graph provides sync . Do nothing otherwise.
    • sync

      public static void sync(Graph graph)
      Sync if provided. Do nothing if not.
    • sync

      public static void sync(Dataset dataset)
      Sync a Dataset, if underlying storage provides sync.
    • sync

      public static void sync(DatasetGraph dataset)
      Sync carefully for compound objects
    • syncObject

      public static void syncObject(Object object)
      Sync an object if synchronizable (model, graph, dataset).
    • registerSubSystem

      @Deprecated(since="4.9.0") public static void registerSubSystem(SystemInfo systemInfo)
    • registeredSubsystems

      @Deprecated(since="4.9.0") public static Iterator<SystemInfo> registeredSubsystems()
    • allocSymbol

      public static Symbol allocSymbol(String shortName)
    • allocSymbol

      public static Symbol allocSymbol(String base, String shortName)