Class ARQConstants


public class ARQConstants extends Object
Internal constants - configuration is in class ARQ
  • Field Details

    • fnPrefix

      public static final String fnPrefix
      The prefix of XQuery/Xpath functions and operator
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    • mathPrefix

      public static final String mathPrefix
      The prefix of XQuery/Xpath functions and operator math:
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    • rdfPrefix

      public static final String rdfPrefix
      RDF namespace prefix
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    • rdfsPrefix

      public static final String rdfsPrefix
      RDFS namespace prefix
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    • owlPrefix

      public static final String owlPrefix
      OWL namespace prefix
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    • xsdPrefix

      public static final String xsdPrefix
      XSD namespace prefix
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    • fnSparql

      public static final String fnSparql
      The prefix of SPARQL functions and operator
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    • srxPrefix

      public static final String srxPrefix
      The namespace of the XML results format
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    • XML_NS

      public static final String XML_NS
      XML namespace
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      public static final String XML_SCHEMA_NS
      XML Schema namespace
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    • JavaScriptURI

      public static final String JavaScriptURI
      The URI prefix that triggers JavaScript functions
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    • JavaScriptInitFunction

      public static final String JavaScriptInitFunction
      Function called when JavaScript is initialized.
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    • javaClassURIScheme

      public static final String javaClassURIScheme
      URI scheme that triggers the loader to load a java class
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    • ARQFunctionLibraryURI

      public static final String ARQFunctionLibraryURI
      The ARQ function library URI space
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    • ARQAggregateLibraryURI

      public static final String ARQAggregateLibraryURI
      The ARQ aggregate function library URI space
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    • ARQFunctionLibraryURI_Jena2

      @Deprecated public static final String ARQFunctionLibraryURI_Jena2
      Use #ARQFunctionLibraryURI
      The ARQ function library URI space - old Jena2 name
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    • ARQPropertyFunctionLibraryURI

      public static final String ARQPropertyFunctionLibraryURI
      The ARQ property function library URI space
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    • ARQPropertyFunctionLibraryURI_Jena2

      @Deprecated public static final String ARQPropertyFunctionLibraryURI_Jena2
      Use #ARQFunctionLibraryURI
      The ARQ property function library URI space - old Jena2 name
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    • ARQProcedureLibraryURI

      public static final String ARQProcedureLibraryURI
      The ARQ procedure library URI space
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    • ARQFunctionLibrary

      public static final String ARQFunctionLibrary
      The ARQ function library
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    • ARQPropertyFunctionLibrary

      public static final String ARQPropertyFunctionLibrary
      The ARQ property function library
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    • ARQProcedureLibrary

      public static final String ARQProcedureLibrary
      The ARQ property function library
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    • allocVarAnonMarker

      public static final String allocVarAnonMarker
      Marker for generated variables for non-distinguished in query patterns (??a etc)
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    • allocVarMarker

      public static final String allocVarMarker
      Marker for general temporary variables (not blank node variables)
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    • allocVarScopeHiding

      public static final String allocVarScopeHiding
      Marker for variables renamed to make variables hidden by scope have globally unique names
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    • allocVarQuad

      public static final String allocVarQuad
      Marker for variables renamed to make variables hidden because of quad transformation
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    • allocPathVariables

      public static final String allocPathVariables
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    • allocQueryVariables

      public static final String allocQueryVariables
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    • allocVarTripleTerm

      public static final String allocVarTripleTerm
      Marker for RDF-star variables
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    • allocParserAnonVars

      public static final String allocParserAnonVars
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    • allocSSEUnamedVars

      public static final String allocSSEUnamedVars
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    • allocSSEAnonVars

      public static final String allocSSEAnonVars
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    • allocSSENamedVars

      public static final String allocSSENamedVars
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    • systemVarNS

      public static final String systemVarNS
      Marker for system symbols
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    • sysCurrentQuery

      public static final Symbol sysCurrentQuery
      Context key for the query for the current query execution (may be null if was not created from a query string )
    • sysOpExecutorFactory

      public static final Symbol sysOpExecutorFactory
      Context key for the OpExecutor to be used
    • sysOptimizerFactory

      public static final Symbol sysOptimizerFactory
      Context key for the optimizer factory to be used
    • sysOptimizer

      public static final Symbol sysOptimizer
      Context key for the optimizer used in this execution
    • sysCurrentDataset

      public static final Symbol sysCurrentDataset
      Context key for the dataset for the current query execution.
    • sysVarAllocRDFStar

      public static final Symbol sysVarAllocRDFStar
    • sysDatasetDescription

      public static final Symbol sysDatasetDescription
      Context key for the dataset description (if any). See the SPARQL protocol.

      A dataset description specified outside the query should override a dataset description in query and also the implicit dataset of a service. The order is:

      1. Dataset description from the protocol
      2. Dataset description from the query (FROM/FROM NAMED)
      3. Dataset of the service
      Use in other situations should reflect this design. The value of this key in a Context must be an object of type DatasetDescription.
    • sysCurrentAlgebra

      public static final Symbol sysCurrentAlgebra
      Context key for the algebra expression of the query execution after optimization
    • sysCurrentTime

      public static final Symbol sysCurrentTime
      Context key for the current time of query execution
    • sysVersionARQ

      public static final Symbol sysVersionARQ
      Context key for ARQ version
    • sysVersionJena

      public static final Symbol sysVersionJena
      Context key for Jena version
    • sysVarAllocNamed

      public static final Symbol sysVarAllocNamed
      Context key for the execution-scoped named variable generator
    • sysVarAllocAnon

      public static final Symbol sysVarAllocAnon
      Context key for the execution-scoped bNode variable generator
    • symDatasetDefaultGraphs

      public static final Symbol symDatasetDefaultGraphs
      Graphs forming the default graph (Collection<Node>) (Dynamic dataset)
    • symDatasetNamedGraphs

      public static final Symbol symDatasetNamedGraphs
      Graphs forming the named graphs (Collection<Node>) (Dynamic dataset)
    • symPrologue

      public static final Symbol symPrologue
      Context symbol for a supplied Prologue (used for text out of result sets).
    • symCancelQuery

      public static final Symbol symCancelQuery
      Internal use context symbol for an AtomicBoolean to signal that a query has been cancelled. Used by QueryExecutionMain and QueryIterProcessBinding. JENA-2141.
    • autoDistinct

      public static final Symbol autoDistinct
      Context key for making all SELECT queries have DISTINCT applied, whether stated or not
    • registryPropertyFunctions

      public static final Symbol registryPropertyFunctions
      The property function registry key
    • registryDescribeHandlers

      public static final Symbol registryDescribeHandlers
      The describe handler registry key
    • registryQueryEngines

      public static final Symbol registryQueryEngines
      The query engine registry key
    • registryFunctions

      public static final Symbol registryFunctions
      The function library registry key
    • registryServiceExecutors

      public static final Symbol registryServiceExecutors
      The service executor library registry key
    • registryProcedures

      public static final Symbol registryProcedures
      The function library registry key
    • registryExtensions

      public static final Symbol registryExtensions
      The extension library registry key
  • Constructor Details

    • ARQConstants

      public ARQConstants()
  • Method Details

    • getGlobalPrefixMap

      public static PrefixMapping getGlobalPrefixMap()
    • init

      public static void init()