Class Prefixes


public class Prefixes extends Object
Functions related to PrefixMap.
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    • dftGraphPrefixSet

      public static final String dftGraphPrefixSet
      Special name for default graph prefixes. This is different to the datasetPrefixSet. Only used by (TDB1) GraphTxnTDB_Prefixes and (TDB2) GraphViewSwitchable_Prefixes which have separated dataset/default graph prefixes. For legacy migration reasons, TDB1 uses "" and TDB2 uses defaultGraphNodeGenerated for the dataset prefix set. See TDB1 ) TDB2 StoragePrefixesView
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    • datasetPrefixSet

      public static final String datasetPrefixSet
      Name for dataset-wide prefixes.
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    • nodeDefaultGraph

      public static Node nodeDefaultGraph
      Name assigned to the default graph.
    • nodeDataset

      public static Node nodeDataset
      Name for dataset prefixes.
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    • Prefixes

      public Prefixes()
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