Interface FactoryRDF

All Known Implementing Classes:
FactoryRDFCaching, FactoryRDFStd

public interface FactoryRDF
Create core RDF objects: Nodes, Triples, Quads, which are system-wide.
  • Method Details

    • createTriple

      Triple createTriple(Node subject, Node predicate, Node object)
    • createQuad

      Quad createQuad(Node graph, Node subject, Node predicate, Node object)
    • createURI

      Node createURI(String uriStr)
    • createTypedLiteral

      Node createTypedLiteral(String lexical, RDFDatatype datatype)
    • createLangLiteral

      Node createLangLiteral(String lexical, String langTag)
    • createStringLiteral

      Node createStringLiteral(String lexical)
    • createBlankNode

      Node createBlankNode()
      Create a blank node which is completely new and used nowhere else.
    • createBlankNode

      Node createBlankNode(String label)
      Create a blank node with the given string as internal system id
    • createBlankNode

      Node createBlankNode(long mostSigBits, long leastSigBits)
      Create a blank with the internal system id taken from 128 bit number provided. This must be compatible with UUID so the variant and version bits must agree with RFC 4122.
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    • reset

      void reset()
      Reset any internal state that should not be carried across parse runs (e.g. blank node labels).