Class ProtobufRDF_Blk


public class ProtobufRDF_Blk extends Object
Specialist. The normal use operations are in ProtobufRDF.

This operations assume Protobuf data is "as given" without stream delimiters. A single operation will read or write a whole file.

  • Constructor Details

    • ProtobufRDF_Blk

      public ProtobufRDF_Blk()
  • Method Details

    • inputStreamBlkToStreamRDF

      public static void inputStreamBlkToStreamRDF(InputStream input, StreamRDF stream)
      Read an input stream as a single unit (no length delimiters). Send items to an StreamRDF
    • streamToOutputStreamBlk

      public static void streamToOutputStreamBlk(OutputStream outputStream, Consumer<StreamRDF> streamDest)
      Write all of the StreamRDF to an output stream without length delimiters. "apply"